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1000’s of new employees to train.

The success of Burger King operations lies in training 1000’s of new team members each year. That is no small task, even for a company that has established a track record of success serving over 54 million people each month. To maximize that training, Burger King entrusted Beastly to aid in their e-learning efforts with engaging training video content. These efforts resulted in 7.5 million successful course completions within the first year.

E-learning works.

E-Learning, as a method of training employees, has some serious numbers to back up its efficacy. IBM reported that companies who utilize e-Learning techniques have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%, and that for every $1 spent on the tools for e-Learning, up to $30 can be returned. Up to 85% of every dollar spent on classroom training is spent on delivering it. E-Learning offers the chance to reduce that cost to almost nothing. And, according to The Research Institute of America, e-Learning can increase retention rates by up to 60% while simultaneously cutting down instruction time by that same amount. When you add engaging training video to your E-learning, the results metrics go through the roof.

Engaging content makes a difference.

Immediately after the launch of the first training video, Burger King and Beastly confirmed that the style in which the training is delivered has a huge impact on engagement. Training videos that leverage modern design trends and narrative techniques that rival TV and Film production are a key factor in assuring user engagement, rather than the typical talking head with accompanying text on screen. In one case where Burger King needed to introduce a grading system for restaurants (a potentially sore subject), characters were created, played by real actors, to deliver the message with a friendlier, peer-driven approach. In another case where the unpopular subject of team dress code and appearance needed to be delivered to thousands of team members across the nation, a graphic-based video was created, using flat design elements in a music video style to convey what would normally have been a much less captivating message. That one video in particular won Beastly a Silver Telly Award, an award that “honors the very best film and video productions.”

Burger King, with the support of Beastly, leveraged the success of e-learning, and more importantly, leveraged the effectiveness of engaging training videos within that platform: 7.5 million successful course completions, and counting…


7.5 Million

Course Completions

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