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Skills: UI/UX, System Integration

El Dorado Furniture Grows Online Revenue by More than 50% Using Responsive Retail Design.

Since rolling out their new responsive retail website, El Dorado Furniture has experienced growth in both online revenues and online sales volume by more than 50% each. Average ticket amount has risen by 11% and the average time a customer now spends shopping on the El Dorado site has increased by 25%.

Former “Furniture Firm of the Year” recipient wanted to stay a step ahead.

Known for being innovative and forward-thinking, El Dorado was one of the first to offer furniture sales and service over the internet, expanding their reach from South Florida to global potential. In the early 2000’s, when El Dorado originally approached us to help establish their online commerce, we focused on developing two dynamic websites – one for desktop use and a separate one for mobile. Though this initial approach was once successful, our analytics began to reveal that guests visiting the site from their mobile devices were frequently opting for the full site, rather than the mobile version, which was ultimately leading to a less-than-stellar user experience. Similarly, many of the features available on the desktop site were not available to visitors using the mobile version. As a result of these seemingly simple issues, we knew that El Dorado Furniture could eventually end up losing business.

4 out of 5 consumers use their mobile devices to shop.

A fresh, dynamic, mobile-friendly experience for shoppers.

Our development team proposed a comprehensive enhancement of the two existing platforms, essentially combine them both into one dynamic site that could be accessed from any device. Leveraging UI/UX design, we were able to develop a responsive site that would enhance the user experience through better usability while still incorporating the visually appealing, rich media that is so important in the retail environment. The redesigned El Dorado Furniture site (http://www.eldoradofurniture.com) facilitates a seamless transition from desktop to mobile with 100% feature carry-over. Product filters were written from scratch and designs strategically developed around all manner of screen sizes for optimum cross-device functionality. Content was also strategically developed so that it would perform better on devices with limited bandwidth. Most importantly, we developed a framework that specifically addressed the challenges of conducting retail transactions on small screens. By choosing to be proactive about the latest technologies through responsive design, El Dorado’s customers are happier and the company is back on the right track to remain the cutting-edge industry leader it’s been for nearly five decades.



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